August 1st 2013: Home Bored…

Okay I haven’t updated in so long because. I have been working out the kinks in my new laptop and working on my fanfictions. 

For any of my readers on fanfiction out there I will be updating Stories How Things Came To Be,and I will be adding I believe three new fanfictions up. 

The First one I will summarize right here:

The first is a Doctor Who fanfiction (Yes I am now a Whovian) The title will be Doctor Who a Shift in Time if I can finish the first chapter… I have a bit of writers block but I will overcome it. Summary: The Doctor, Amy, and Rory take an unexpected trip. Needless to say things do not go well. The Doctor being the Doctor things always go wrong. Warnings: Shameless Doctor Whump… Special Appearances by… nevermind wait and find out.

The second is a partner story to Misundestanding. Basically its Roy’s point of view in a different problem.

The third is yet another Sherlock Story. I don’t have a name for it yet but from what I have written it should be a very good story. Summary: Things are a bit different between John and Sherlock when they first meet… AU? Maybe… Maybe Not That is to be found out. Sherlock and John Slash (Johnlock) Warnings: Sherlock Whump…


I will be posting two chapters to How Things Came To Be  for the people who have been waiting so patiently. Sides these stories should be a treat! 

Looking forward to hearing from you! ~Love Doodlez1996.


Okay with that out of the way. On August 15 I will be going camping with my boyfriend and his family. So I will not be updating or be working on my fanfictions. Just a warning. 

The Summer I enter my senior year will be soon coming into a kick off. Phew I had better get to my housework before I get into trouble and get working on those fanfictions. Thanks For Your Time – Doodlez (Deb)


June 5th 2013

Okay I am now Wholocked I have just watched Doctor who which I thought I would dislike severely but… it turns out I loved it! I have been watching Sherlock for months and am obsessed with it but… I think that soon Doctor Who will follow! Awesome Show though I think that I have just screwed myself over because now I really wanna see the rest and find out what happens! So Excited to finally start something new! Anyone wanna geek out with me!?? Hit me up!!! ~ Deb

June 2, 2013 New Laptop!

I finally got my new laptop on Friday and here is my first post from it so I’m excited!!! Well I gotta go I got things downloading to my desktop so bye bye for now!!

May 30th 2013: Serious Writers Block and in need of Prompts

Okay Deb here and writing as Doodlez1996 from!

I am in need of some seriously interesting writing prompts for the following series:

1.) BBC Sherlock

2.) Fullmetal Alchemist

3.)Tokyo Mew Mew

4.) Yami No Matsuei

5.) Gravitation


I am even open  to writing these fictions for any pairings! Well in Sherlock I draw the line at SherlockxAnderson  and SherlockXMolly otherwise anything goes! So if you guys want you can just leave your fanfiction user name and I will take the time to write the prompt! I mean you guys can comment it then you can have me mention you in thanks for the idea! 🙂 I am just interested so I can have some fun writing these and it gives me something to do over the summer on fanfiction in between manuscript writing which I am bored with right now with writers block. The other thing is helping Courtney write her manuscript and AP English but I will be writing these prompts to satisfy my urges to write some fantastic fanfictions!

In ending I would like to congratulations to Serrisa Burnham and TD for being this years class of 2013! You guys rock!!!

To all of my fanfiction followers and readers: Yes I am  still writing my other stories and they will be updated as soon as I get my new laptop Friday!


Stay tuned folks and have a great day! 


Okay I have found some really hilarious links!!

I was having wayyyy tooo much fun!!! LOL!!!!